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With over 20 years experience, BHMI understands the stress workplace injuries have on the employee and the employer. When we work with a client, that client receives a tailored plan of action to meet unique needs and goals. The customized work plan derives from a work plan that follows a four-phase model.

This work plan is summarized below.


Phase 1

Proactive Approach: Finding vulnerabilities for strains and sprains and implement solutions to prevent injuries.

Phase 2

Active Approach: Prepare joint and muscle groups for simple repetitive motions and overextension performed daily.

Phase 3

Reactive Approach: Recognize types of discomforts; educate employees to avoid additional aches in the specific bodily region.

Phase 4

Rehabilitation: Utilize analysis information to interpret the type of care needed to rehabilitate and restore stability back to muscle/joint region.

A New Stretching Program for You.