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BHC works with companies to provide a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. Clients recognize the savings of our program because of our proven system that not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.


In 1999 Dr. Stephen Grennan founded the Back@Work program after developing effective training techniques for professional football players.

Dr. Grennan’s mission is to bring his expertise to the hard-working men and women around the country and assist them in feeling better. He provides them with solutions for reducing discomforts, which also lowers the rate of injuries for their employers.

Once OSHA learned of this program, Dr. Grennan became a highly sought-after speaker at aviation, transportation, oil, and construction conferences.

The Back@Work program which provides one-on-one solutions has expanded to over 23 industries.

The team of experts at BHC help companies minimize the financial and human costs associated with workplace musculoskeletal disorders. The proven program is designed to intervene and find solutions for employee discomforts before seeking treatment from a medical clinic. Thereby reducing OSHA recordables and workers’ compensation costs and claims.

Day in and day out workers’ bodies absorb the continual wear and tear on bones, joints, and muscles caused by overextension. Research shows that Degenerative Joint Disease and Repetitive Strain Injury are consistent with cumulative joint usage. By implementing the BHC program, a company can reduce potential or expected injuries and related costs.

Implementation of our program has also shown improved relationships between management and their employees.

A New Stretching Program for You.