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Program Overview

BHC works with each client to tailor a strategic plan of action to implement solutions to prevent new and further injuries. Our fieldwork and specific individual preparation programs have proven to reduce workplace injuries, complement business safety programs and processes allowing for more productive employees.

Painful Joints

Back@work Program

BHC works with each client to tailor a plan of action to meet their unique needs and goals. The customized work plan derives from a standard work plan that follows a four-phase model.


Individual Preparation Program

Appropriately done, stretching can prepare muscles and reduce fatigue – increase blood flow to muscles, create synovial fluid (our body’s lubrication for joints), lengthens muscles, and decreases muscles tightness.



As a leader in injury prevention and joint health, BHC is available for consults and speaking engagements.  Audiences embrace the BHC messages on proactive approaches to injury prevention.

Read the articles below that support the science behind proactive and preventative programs and injury prevention.


A New Stretching Program for You.