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About Dr. Steve, CEO, DC

Dr. Stephen Grennan D.C. is a renowned expert on Occupational BioMechanics & Injury Prevention Programs. He began his career with a degree in orthopedic chiropractic and a doctorate in orthopedic chiropractic from Sherman College in South Carolina. For 20 years, Dr. Stephen Grennan has helped companies and workers fight the financial and human costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders occurring in the workplace.

Since 1999, Dr. Grennan and his team have worked with the leaders of industries to create specific injury prevention programs with a focus on:

  • finding solutions for discomforts
  • providing advice and tips for daily prevention habits
  • educate employees on how to prepare for overextension
  • stretches for individual needs

Dr. Grennan has worked with 21 industries and written 23 separate injury prevention booklets. He is passionate about finding solutions for employees, offer a better quality of life for employees, and assist companies in creating safer work environments.


Amanda Hill COO, CPT, CES, FMS

Amanda Hill came to BHMI with a background in medical office management and several years’ experience working in the fitness industry. Starting as an executive assistant in 2009, Amanda has worked to bring BHMI to where it is today from Hawaii to Georgia.
As the COO, Amanda is taking BHMI to the next level of helping the Industrial Athlete through our website, social media outlets, and nationwide expansion.

A NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Amanda uses her fitness and injury prevention knowledge to develop the new stretching and strengthen programs for companies involved with the Back@Work program.

Amanda takes pride in her role at BHMI and her role in educating employees all over the nation about the importance of overall health and wellness as well as preparing the body for specific job tasks. With the help from Amanda, BHMI can continue to grow and educate companies on the importance of taking a proactive stance to avoid injuries.

Schae Tavita

Schae Tavita, Injury Prevention Specialist

Schae grew up playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, and softball. While playing these sports she watched her teammates get hurt and not receiving the proper care they deserved. This lead Schae to learn more about the anatomy of the human body to help athletes through the practice of massage therapy.

As a massage therapist, Schae can offer a hands-on approach to help various groups of people with their discomforts. Schae’s primary mission is to help as many fellow Hawaiians feel better and have a better quality of life.

Mariel Tagg

Mariel Tagg, Health & Fitness Industry

Mariel Tagg came to BHMI with eight years of experience in the health and fitness industry, working closely with sports doctors. She has been a full-time licensed massage therapist for several years with a clinical education in exercise science and recovery.

Mariel believes in a holistic approach to recovery and the body’s ability to heal itself. Through listening to the body and thoughtful communication, she believes in an individualized plan for every patient. Her goal is to assist every physically active person in living their everyday life to the fullest potential and without discomfort. She enjoys focusing on the fascial planes and anatomy trains to help the body remember how to work as the cohesive, efficient vessel that it was born to be.

Xavier Harris

Xavier Harris, Personal Training & Conditioning

Xavier Harris came to BHMI after spending four years at Fairleigh Dickinson University as former Division 1 collegiate basketball athlete. After suffering a career ending knee injury, Xavier became intrigued with the body and its functions in relation to activity. This lead him into the world of personal training and conditioning. Xavier serves as the advocate for cleaner eating and its correlation to our bodies in turn effecting its level of activity. His goal is to facilitate the pursuit of a happy healthier lifestyle.

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