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“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”

Albert Einstein

“What Dr. Grennan has delivered is the ability to intervene on the front lines with those active employees who come into employment with pre-existing conditions and minor work or home-related symptoms that could lead or will lead to injuries if not addressed.”

Ed Corbally

EJC Safety Services, LLC

Employees are eager to have the time for their session that includes stretching, education or even a padded glove or shoe insert.  The results are that employees have an outlet to be heard and have their discomforts attended to before leading to an injury and greater cost to companies.  I also have found employees valuing what he delivers as much as the employer whom is typically fielding favorable results.

Ed Corbally

Former - FEDEX and Ryder Regional Safety Manager

This is the best program I have seen in construction to help avoid injuries and lost time. The employees love it.


Senior Safety Supervisor Clark Construction

I was basically to the point where I had to have surgery and go with the doctor’s recommendations and I just want to push that off as long as I can. I’m not afraid of surgery. BHMI has helped me put off surgery and fusing my ankle.

C. Bolts


Thank you HDCC for bringing the BHMI program to our site. The guys in the field appreciate HDCC because it shows that the company cares about their wellbeing. When you have happy workers, you have a more productive crew.


Project Manager, HDCC

Back at Work is an excellent program that actively works to reduce musculoskeletal injuries. We encourage everyone to be proactive and participate!


Safety Coordinator, Webcor

The employees also get a realistic education of what they can do to improve their personal health from a no-nonsense physician. I watch the interaction that Dr. Grennan has with these guys and gals and I see how much they appreciate the attention to things that are physically bothering them. Dr. Grennan has a way with the people of the field and they respond well to his personality.

M. Harper

Safety Specialist, Teichert Company

I believe the Back at Work program is a great supplement to our already proactive safety program. Our employee’s success in staying healthy and productive is also key to our company’s success. It’s refreshing to work for a company that realizes that and puts programs into action to back it up.

K. Anderson

Safety Specialist, Teichert Company

Dr. Grennan’s program has contributed in overall moral improvement within my operation.  Aches and pains are a guarantee in this business & his program works one on one to develop a plan for that individual to improve the issue.  Dr. Steve provides a great wellness plan to offer to our employees.


Area General Manager, Penhall Company

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