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I was basically to the point where I had to have surgery and go with the doctor’s recommendations and I just want to push that off as long as I can. I’m not afraid of surgery. BHMI has helped me put off surgery and fusing my ankle.



Definitely a lot of pain and discomfort before they came. It helps me sleep at night too because my back and everything feels a lot better since they’ve come.



Before this program I was stiff and had discomfort in my back. After the visits I have more flexibility and no discomfort. I would advise anyone to get involved with this program.


Foreman, Hawaiian Dredging

Thank you HDCC for bringing the BHMI program to our site. The guys in the field appreciate HDCC be¬cause it shows that the company cares about their wellbeing. When you have happy workers, you have a more productive crew.


Project Manager, Hawaiinan Dredging

Before this program, I had dis¬comfort in my shoulder and it was hard to sleep. Within three visits, my shoulder feels betterand I can move it around freely and sleep better.


Hawaiian Dredging

Thank you HDCC and BHMI for bringing this pro¬gram to our site. I feel amaz¬ing after each visit.


Hawaiian Dredging

I would like to thank HDCC for bringing this pro¬gram to us. My feet feel better in the morning and evening.


Hawaiian Dredging

I would like to thank the Safety Department for giving us this program. The program has helped my ankles, thighs, and shins.


Hawaiian Dredging

Thank you HDCC for bring¬ing BHMI to our site. It’s done miracles for my shoulder and low back, and I feel revived when coming to work. I really appreciate HDCC for this program.


Hawaiian Dredging

The Back@Work program has saved me many injuries that could have affected the rest of my life.


Hensel Phelps

A New Stretching Program for You.