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BHMI works with companies to provide a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. Clients recognize the savings of our program because of our proven system that not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.

The team of experts at BHMI help companies minimize the financial and human costs associated with workplace musculoskeletal disorders. The proven program is designed to intervene and find solutions for employee discomforts before seeking treatment from a medical clinic. Thereby reducing OSHA recordables and workers’ compensation costs and claims.

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Attacking Discomforts

  • Proven System to Reduce Injuries
  • Embraced by Management and Employees
  • Keeps Employees on the Job
  • Creates Personal Accountability With Employees

Individual Preparation Program

Appropriately done, stretching can prepare muscles and reduce fatigue. Stretching reduces muscle soreness, tension, and reduces the risk of injury. Creating task-specific stretching programs and individual stretching programs can increase embracement and participation rate for stretching programs.


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Dr. Steve Grennan, CEO, DC


Dr. Stephen Grennan D.C. is a renowned expert on Occupational BioMechanics & Injury Prevention Programs. He began his career with a degree in orthopedic chiropractic and a doctorate in orthopedic chiropractic from Sherman College in South Carolina. For more than 20 years, Dr. Stephen Grennan has helped companies and workers fight the financial and human costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders occurring in the workplace.

Since 1999, Dr. Grennan and his team have worked with the leaders of industries to create specific injury prevention programs with a focus on:

  • finding solutions for discomforts
  • providing advice and tips for daily prevention habits
  • educate employees on how to prepare for overextension
  • stretches for individual needs

Dr. Grennan has worked with 21 industries and written 23 separate injury prevention booklets. He is passionate about finding solutions for employees, offer a better quality of life for employees, and assist companies in creating safer work environments. Call us today to find out how Dr. Grennan and the BHMI Team can benefit your workforce!

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Injury Prevention Safety Booklets

Improve your injury prevention program with easy to use booklets that educate management and employees on proper stretching techniques, prevention exercises, and at-home care tips.

This isn’t your typical education booklet. BHMI works with clients to create education material employees will embrace and implement immediately. Interested in an education seminar? BHMI shares our message in a fun and interactive way to really grab the attention of your employees.

A Healthy Workforce

Most successful businesses are beginning to understand that the reactive approach to employee health, providing group health insurance to cover employees when they get sick, is far less effective than one that combines preventive efforts with transparent/reactive medical services.